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I have used Art Studio "trial version" and really like it. Then Storyline comes along! Now I am wondering which one would work the best for us. We have to write a number of Continuing Education Courses where the "Student" cannot cheat by fast forwarding or any other cheating method. I know you can set timelines, etc. or make the student answer certain questions correctly in order to continue. We will be using a lot of fraud related material such as actual handwritten confessions to fraud, short videos to display examples of body language and a lot of interaction where the student either hovers over a graph, or the graph effect is "timed" to enter the slide at a given time through PowerPoint. What I am wondering is whether Art 2012 which has not been released, but is being "teased" as a soon to be released product, is worth the wait. It appears that Studio 2012 will be very comparable to Storyline. What are the thoughts in this community?

If I create a course in Art Studio does the viewing party have to have PPT to view it? Keep in mind that we would be "authoring" the course in PPT, but it will be uploaded to our own learning site on our server and not provided as a standalone product on disc, etc. So, does it matter to the "end user" or "student' which one I use to create the product that will be accessed online?

What is the major difference in the current 09 Studio vs Storyline and does anyone have any idea when the 2012 will be released?

Thanks, Bill

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Bruce Graham

Hi William, and a warm welcome to Heroes.

You should start by having a look here at the differences.

I am assuming you are referring to "Articulate Studio", and not the iPad "Art Studio" product.

Studio 12 will " released when it is ready" (the usual way Articulate describe things...), so I guess in the next 3 months.

If you create in Articulate Studio '12, it will be exactly like the other products, you do not need .ppt/.pptx to view, as it is compiled to something else and accessed online, or via CD etc.

Really - it all depends on whether you are wedded to PowerPoint as your base - if so, perhaps better stick with Studio. For "create from scratch" projects, (even with .ppt/.pptx imported to provide initial ideas), I now work with SL, because the sky is the limit with what you can produce.

Hope this helps, and once again welcome to the community.


William Urban

Thank you Bruce. Yes, it is Articulate Studio that I used to create a Continuing Education Course. I think I read somewhere that with SL you cannot have the same effects like a "fade in" "fade out" of certain parts of a slide like you can create within PPT. Is that true? We have created a lot of nice effects within PPT and I wonder (and also am concerned) that I may lose some of the "eye candy" with SL that I now can create with Studio. For example, we have courtroom transcripts that we use to show how an attorney might attempt to trick you while on the stand and how they do it. We have a funny judge graphic that "fades" in at that particular part of the transcript. Would that effect have to be sacrificed using SL? I guess the bottom line is what are some of the PPT strong points that won't be in play if SL is used to create the material?

Thanks. I think I am going to like this community!


Bruce Graham


Storyline takes eLearning creation to a new level - is not a PowerPoint clone.

There are currently limited animations, you have Fade, Grow, Fly, Spin, and Spin and Grow. More animations and transitions are planned, but Articulate keep everything (tight) under wraps.

I fade things in and out against the timeline all the time.

The best thing to do IMHO is have get a 30-day free trial, and work through some of the tutorials, such as:

Just think what Storyline v3/4 is going to offer us


William Urban


Do you know if it is possible to import what I have created with Articulate Studio 09 into SL? I have one course with a large number of slides that I created with the Studio 09 version and it would be nice to be able to import it to SL and then tweak it inside SL to test limitations, differences, etc.

Also, I didn't think about the next version of SL. That is also a good point to consider.


Natalia Mueller

William, if your PPT animations are a must (which I totally get, especially if they're already created), you might want to check out this screenr by Stephanie Harnett.

I have no doubt that Studio 12 will be well worth the wait, but the number 1 initial thing that sold me on Storyline is the screen recording/simulation capabilities. Then once I got in it and saw what else I could do with it, I never looked back.

Of course, I say that now in comparison with Studio 09. I'm willing to bet that once Studio 12 is released, I'll be writing a business case for that one too.

Bruce Graham

Great point Natalia.

Just because it does not exist in Storyline, it does not mean you cannot use the advanced features in .pptx and then use them as videos.

Have a look at Episode 1 here -

Try and see where the video ends, and the "pure" Storyline features start!


William Urban

Natalia and Bruce:

I assume I can still use the same videos we have that are used in the Studio version we created, correct? Existing videos can be used in both Studio and SL? We have quite a few videos that run from 30 seconds to over 10 minutes. Video is do or die for us. Without video we have no courses.