New to Storyline 2- Recording Poll Results

Mar 11, 2016

I'm very new to Storyline 2, but I've been working with Studio '09/'13 for 3-4 years, now. But I'm just starting to play around with Storyline, (the purchase order literally went through about 6 hours ago...)

I imported a Training Evaluation (Poll) from Quizmaker that I'd been toying with. We'd like to have a hard-answer (i.e. "How'd the trainer do? Excellent, Poor, etc,") and we'd also like to get feedback about the rating the learner gave. (i.e. "Explain what went well and what could use improvement.")

After messing around a watching a few tutorial videos, I was able to get the buttons and layers to do what I wanted them to do, using states and some variables. The resulting 1-question Poll is attached.

However, when I published it to Articulate Online, the only reports I can see are: How Many Slides Did People View, What Was the Activity..., How Often..., and who Viewed...

So, my question is, how do I get Storyline to Track the results of the inputted answers, both for the Pick One, and the Enter Text? When I was Publishing, I clicked on "Tracking" to select what Articulate Online was tracking, but the "Track using quiz results" option was greyed out and unable to be selected. (2nd Attachment.)

Here's my in-progress project in action:


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Adam -- Thanks so much for reaching out here and for the image you provided! Unfortunately, as it appears as though you have provided your published output folder rather than your .story or source file, I cannot take a closer look at this point. 

Please feel free to upload your .story file here and we'll check it out, and also, I wanted to be sure to pass along this resource on Publishing a Course for Articulate Online

Adam Larsen

Thank you, Christie. I apologize. I didn't realize I attached the wrong file. I've attached the correct file, now.

And thank you for the link. I believe I've followed the proper steps for publishing, though when I get to Step #5, the option I need (Track using quiz result) is greyed out. I believe this is probably due to not indicating to Storyline that the information on Slide 2 needs to be tracked, (or make it recognize Slide 2 as a quiz,) but I'm unsure how to do that in Storyline 2.

In Studio '13, it was easy, because Quizmaker was automatically recognized as a quiz. But I know I'm missing a step somewhere, using Storyline.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Adam -- Thanks for you file and I will check it out as soon as I can! In the meantime, Jeanette Brooks' response over here may be helpful if you wanted to check out the following segment and let us know if you find improvement:

In order for response data to be sent to Articulate Online or an LMS, the slide on which the user enters their response needs to be a quiz slide, (not just a regular slide with a text entry field) and you need to have a Result Slide in the course which tabulates the results from your quiz slides. When learners reach that Result Slide, that's when the results get calculated. In order to track & report on the results, you'll need to do the following when you're ready to publish your course: Choose either Aritculate Online or LMS on the Publish window. For the tracking & reporting options, choose to track based on a quiz result slide, and then specify the result slide you want to use for reporting purposes. Then publish, and upload your content to AO or your LMS, and deploy it from there.

Adam Larsen

Thank you, Christie!

Ah! I didn't see there was a separate type of slide called a Result Slide. Since I imported the basic survey from a survey I had made in Quizmaker, I didn't know if/how the reporting process was different. So, if I make my "Thank you for your Feedback" slide a Result Slide, that should put me on the right path to reporting the results of the survey to Articulate Online.

As for creating the multiple choice question slide with the text box, I'll have to play around with that, but the links you shared should be very helpful in my experimentation! :)

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