New to Storyline 360_bookmarking questions

I have been creating Articulates using Rise 360 on a Mac for a couple of years now, and our in-house marketing department just purchased five pc laptops so we could all use Storyline 360 due to clients requesting bookmarking. We do not have an LMS system, so we would like to publish to web. Will bookmarking in Storyline 360 projects work if you publish to web? 

Also, what if I am publishing a Rise 360 Articulate to web using a Mac with Storyline 360 blocks included, will I lose all bookmarking capabilities then? Help, please. Can't seem to find this information anywhere.

Thank you!


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Melissa,

Great question! 

When publishing a course for web distribution, the web browser should remember where the learner left off if you've set the resume option to prompt for your slides. 

For further details about the resume feature when publishing to web, this community discussion I think will help