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I am creating my first e-learning project for the company I work for as their in-house graphic designer. The project about safe digging best practices. I am only on the storyboarding stage and would like to have most of the look and interactivity planned out before I start to build in Storyline. My issue is on one of the stages we want the student to mark areas on a image where they would have to use hand tools before using a larger machines like an excavator. I am struggling with how to make this action interactive for the user, any suggestions on how to implement this action? 

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Brian Allen

Hi Melissa, welcome to Heroes!

I would probably start off using hot spots to create this interactivity.  You could place several hot spots on your image, and if a user clicks on a hot spot then you could show a layer with an explanation around why that's an appropriate spot, or what kind of tool you would use, etc.

Here's a tutorial on using and customizing hot spots -

Finally, there are more options you can view here on this page by scrolling down and finding the "Adding Interactive Objects" section -

Christie Pollick

Hi, Melissa -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question, and I see that Brian has offered some really great suggestions you could use! I also wanted to note that you would be welcome to post your question over in our Building Better Courses forum for additional design ideas and advice. Best of luck with your project! :)

Steven McAneney

Hi Melissa. I'm darned if I can find it, but there's a chemistry lab interaction on the Articulate website somewhere, where you have to click the mouse continually in order for a bunsen burner flame to remain hot enough to maintain the required temperature. If your clicks slow down, the flame gets weaker. 

It would be interesting if you could adapt this to a shovel for example. The students have to dig fast or the sides cave in. If the sides keep caving in then a layer pops up telling them their decision to use a shovel was wrong. 

This particular interaction was achieved by each mouse click on a button increasing the bunsen flame variable by one (which in turn changed the state of the flame image), but ALSO started a short time line on an invisible layer. When the layer's timeline finished, the same flame variable would have a value subtracted and the flame would get smaller, unless the button was clicked again.

This might be a bit much for you, but the gist of it is that I think having the learners complete one task at a time, from start to finish, would be more interesting for them. Don't have them simply click on multiple zones in a photo, have them complete one excavation from start to finish in one area, and provide feedback along the way as they choose tools for each stage of the job. Lots of drag and drop methinks. (Drag dirt from hole to a pile, until you hit granite... Learning

Hi Mellisa, some great options above using layers. You can also consider using the marker function to display the text. When users click on different areas marked out on the elearning they are then presented with the text for that marker. It is a relatively straight forward interaction that will allow you have have a click and reveal feature for the content on your slides. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maryam,

I'd also agree with Steven's suggestion so that your question doesn't get lost here in the forums. You may also want to look into this older thread where a number of users have discussed closed captioning. Additionally there is an article written by one our staff in regards to a few ideas for adding closed captioning into your Storyline course.