New to Storyline - help needed


I am working on my second course using content library slides and still feeling very much like a beginner. I could really use some help as I am having several problems.

Problem 1: Slide 1.3 and 1.4: Next button appears on both slides before all boxes are visited - Is my trigger incorrect? 

Problem 2: On the Supplier Labels layer of Slide 1.3 - I set a trigger so that the user needs to select all markers before returning to "this slide".  Assuming the learner clicks them in order, the content under marker # 6 does not show up.

Problem 3: On the Workplace Labels layer of Slide 1.3 - I set a trigger so that the user needs to visit all markers (thought it may have a different result than selected) before returning to "this slide".  But the content under marker # 4 does not show up.

Problem 4: On Slide 1.4, some testers have complained the Where is Asbestos box will not open.  Any suggestions? 

I hope someone can let me know what I have done wrong.  I really appreciate the help:)



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Kelly Taylor

Hi Lauren,

I am still having trouble.  I am hoping you can take another look at my file and see if I have missed something.

Problem 1:  On Slide 1.3 the next button is still appearing before all of the rectangles are visited. Slide 1.4 is now working fine. 

Problem 2:  I added a button to the Supplier Labels layer of Slide 1.3.  As recommended, I added a trigger on the button to change the state of the button to normal when the markers are visited.  I must be missing something as nothing happens when I click the button. The same thing happened on the Workplace Labels layer.

I would appreciate if you could take another look at let me know if I am missing something.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for reaching out with your additional questions and for sharing your updated .story file.

On Slide 1.3:

  • There is no trigger to hide the next button, which explains why the Next button is always showing on your slide.
  • On both the Supplier Labels and the Workplace Labels layers:
    • There is no trigger to hide the button on each of those slides, so the button is always present.
    • There is no trigger to tell the user 'where' to go when they click the button, so that's why it's not. I noticed that the other layers had triggers to jump back to the slide.

Hope that helps :)