New to Storyline (Trial) - Looking for example

I am looking to use a storyline module(s) in healthcare around UK Renal failure. I was wondering if anyone was aware of any example modules that use questions as the basis of learning, where questions are designed through the cycle of renal failure e.g. a question is asked "How well do you understand your health condition?" with possible answers as (1) "I'm not confident that I understand my condition" (2); "I know a bit about my condition but would like to know more" and "I think I understand my condition well". (1) and (2) would then go to a learning module followed by a 'pass move on, fail redo module and retry assessment' and where (3) would go straight to the assessment leading to the same 'pass move on and fail complete module'.

Clearly I am not looking for an example of the above model, moreover a similar format that I could look at. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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