New to Variables


I'm trying my hand at using variables and am running into a snag.

I want buttons to hide and appear based on the completion of an activity, but they're not working. 

I am thinking it has something to do with the adjustment of the variable not being on the same slide as the buttons I'm basing that adjustment on.

Here's the scoop: Learners can chose between two options to begin. Upon completion of their choice, they'll be directed to complete the other choice. 

Once they've completed both they'll jump to the wrap-up slide. 

I'm attaching the story file in case anyone can use it to help me diagnose what I'm doing wrong.

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Tracy Parish

Hey Rey:

I'm stumped here as well.  There is something I'm missing.  I stripped out the triggers a bit and got to just trying to make the completeChris/completeRhonda work.

The both will come up as True when you preview the slides indivually, but when your run through the course they stay false, and I'm not yet seeing why either.

(I just though it was because slide 1.5/1.3 we set to "reset to intial", but changing that to automatic didn't correct it either.)