New trends to use Articulate storyline in Middle East

 Hi All,

 I am interested to use it to develop ​content for various contexts in Arabic language. I created youtube channel to encourage content developers and designers to use Articulate Storyline; and I published online book to in Arabic; pdf

Youtube Channel link channel/ UChRsCPUM9WPuzfgoVTkMTgw

AND created a page on social media, Facebook, aastoryline

A demo in Arabic language, I know it is not professional, but this created by a student

Target audience has been starting using it as a trial in order to know its potential and some graduate students want to conduct their thesis on it. Four graduate students,  from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, are working on deferent projects to use this tool. According to my knowledge, these students are the beginner to conduct a research on this tool.
Despite the potential of this tool, there is many problems encounter the developers in Arabic language such as writing notes in Arabic language, the name of slides. In addition, when we try to print the results of an exam, we do not have options to save the results.

MY Questions
I am sorry. I know you are the sale department, but I hope to forward my message to appropriate department to answer my questions.
Can you take these motes into your consideration in the next version?

Can you add examples in Arabic language as demos to encourage Arab's users?


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