New Trigger Request - "When coming from slide X, perform action"

I would  like to be able to use the trigger "perform ACTION (change state etc) when returning from slide ___." This would be a very useful feature which would eliminate some complicated trigger schemes I have had to build to do the same thing. 

Is this a possibility for an update?

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Greg Faust

Agreed. What makes this frustrating is that we KNOW Storyline is tracking what slides were visited because of the way the "Jump to Previous Slide" trigger works. We just aren't allowed to access that information.

If we COULD access that information, life would be easier. We wouldn't need a "... when returning from slide ___." triggering event. Instead, the trigger would look like "[do action] when timeline begins; Condition: PrevSlide = [SlideID]".


Emily Ruby

Hello Jeremy!

You could request a new type of trigger using a feature request.


You can accomplish the condition you are referring to by using a variable  "PrevSlide" set to change to the slide number of each slide - then having the action happen on timeline start if the variable is equal to the number of the prevslide.