New unwanted behavior when using new trigger wizard

Nov 28, 2019

I'm doing some edits to my courses where I'm deleting a bunch of objects from multiple slides. This causes some of the triggers to have unassigned objects and to clean things up I like to delete these triggers as well.

All was fine until I installed the Nov 19 update. Up to this point I was using the new trigger wizard. 

To delete the bad triggers I would normally go to the first one in the list (most of the time they were all clustered together), and hit the delete key followed by the enter key. At this point the next trigger would be highlighted and I could continue hitting the delete followed by the enter key until they were all deleted. 

After the Nov 19 update it no longer moves to the next trigger in the list but will jump to the very top of the list. I then have to scroll back down to the next trigger that I want to burn. Not a big deal if there's only a couple of bad triggers but gets a bit annoying when there's 10 or 15. 

It works normally again after turning off the new trigger wizard

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