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Adam Bayliss

Actually - whoa! Filling the colours in is a bastard! - I added them all to custom colours, then closed the box with cancel as i didnt want to recolour anything - opened it again and they were gone. Then I wanted a lighter version of one of the colours, so went to that colour, picked a lighter shade with the slider, clicked add, and found it had overwritten my previous colour which I wanted. So I entered that colour code again, clicked add, and it overwrote another colour. It's not clear which colour box is selected when you choose a colour. One for the development team, I guess. It's a great feature, I use it all the time.

Ren Gomez

Hi Adam,

Sorry you're running into your custom colors disappearing after the update! I tried to replicate to see if my custom color palette would do the same, but my colors are working as expected.

It could be that the update didn't install correctly. Can you try repairing Storyline to see if that fixes the issue? Let me know if you're still running into it, and we can keep troubleshooting!