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Duane Knudsen

@Clint: everything seemed to go okay with the download and install for me.


@Ashley: 1) was there an announcement about the update that went out to registered users? I didn't even know the update was available until seeing Forum postings. 2) The update went fine, but upon starting update4 the application had to be manually activated which was a minor inconvenience. Is that the standard process?


Clint Higgins

When I click on the "Check for updates" button in Storyline I am taken to the following url: http://www.articulate.com/products/storyline-update.php.

When I click on the download button I receive the following error:

Information required by Forefront TMG for downloading the requested content was not available.
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Duane,

There wasn't an email announcement that I saw, but typically it's shared here in the forums, and when you view the Articulate Storyline support page you'll also find the information there at the very top. You can also set up Storyline to automatically check for updates on start up. To verify if "Check for updates at startup" is enabled, click the round Articulate button in the upper left corner, and select Storyline Options. You can also manually check for updates at any time by going to Help > Check for Updates. In regards to the manual activation, it's not standard process for updates but occurs when Storyline is unable to make a connection with our activation server. 


I'm not familiar with Forefront TMG, but it sounds like it's blocking the download based on a security restriction. You'll want to connect with your IT team to have them help you get around that, or if you're unable to uninstall or disable Forefront TMG while you conduct the download.