New variables on every slide?


I'm making a story, where bunch of people are talking (usually just two at one time). I made a template, that have a black box on the bottom of the screen, when I show the name of person, and its text. I made slides like 2,3,4,5...12 texts to edit. 

Now, I need to edit the persons name on every slide. Is there any possibility, to use variables like %name1%, %name2%, and define them on every slide from beggining?

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Jesse Cabaniss

Are you trying to set it up so that the names can be different without having to update each slide everytime i.e. this being a template and all? I think you can accomplish this by having a "ghost" slide at the very beginning where you can have some triggers that set the names to whatever you want and then the slide advances to the next slide without the learner knowing.

I imagine you could also just have these triggers on the first slide, but this might help keep things from getting cluttered. Just a thought; I have never tried this before.