New Web Publish Doesn't Work; Old Publish of the Same Content Does

Aug 02, 2017


I'm web publishing content in Storyline 360 and posting it to our SharePoint 2016 intranet site. The newly published version of the course will not launch in IE. (it launches fine in Chrome)

When I upload the web publish from June, it launches fine. It's the exact same changes were made to the .story file, or to the publishing parameters. I have tested this with several courses and ended up with the same results...the new publish will not launch, the old publish of the same content will.

The odd thing is that the new publish will launch if you link to the story.swf instead of the story.html file.

In this case I know it's not an issue with SharePoint launching html files because the old publishes launch fine by linking to the story.html file.

Has anyone run into this? I can't figure out why the new publish of the same content will not launch via the story.html file, but the old content launches fine.

Thanks for any insight,


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Ali Goulet

Hey Scott-- I'm sorry that's happening!

As mentioned in the thread Wendy shared, we've run into a few cases recently where Storyline published output is hanging up in Internet Explorer when compatibility mode is enabled.

To confirm if you're running into the same, can you check your compatibility settings?

Our Support Engineers are also happy to test your course over here as well to confirm if you're seeing the same bug. If so, they'll share some options while our team continues to investigate permanent solutions.

Thanks for letting us know about this- keep me posted!

Scott Calvin

Hi Ali,

After some testing, I realized that it isn't a compatibility mode issue, but it appears to be something similar. If published content is launched from our intranet (which is built in SharePoint), the pages open in "Enterprise Mode". When I launch the published content from my C: drive, the html page opens in a normal browser window (outside of the SharePoint environment), and it launches fine.

So, it appears "Enterprise Mode" is creating similar issues to the "compatibility mode" issues...content published a few months ago works, new publishes won't launch.

Have you heard any reports of this?



Ali Goulet

Hey Scott!

Thanks so much for those details- really helpful. I haven't heard reports regarding that "Enterprise Mode" so I'll definitely relay this point back to our team. 

Have you been in touch with SharePoint to see why they're forcing Enterprise Mode? I'm curious if it's something that can be turned off the way compatibility mode can. 

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