New Year, New Laptop

I am looking at doing some freelance work but I need new laptop. I know this question has been asked before (several years ago) but I'm wondering what everyone else is using and how it's working for you. I expect to have Articulate 360, Adobe Creative Cloud and, possibly) Snagit (don't really care for Captivate but I do love Snagit!). 

Any ideas on which laptop to buy would be super helpful. 

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, if you search the forum, there are a few discussions on this topic, here are a couple of them. 

Ideally if you have at least the minimum specs outlined in the Articulate System Requirements section in one of the links below as well. 

Also, keep in mind that SL does not take advantage of 64 bit yet, so a 32 bit machine is ok, ideally the most important things are: processor, graphics card, video and computer ram. Good luck.