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Hello! I just downloaded the free trial of 360 and love what I'm seeing! I've been trying to get a sample course together but cannot get this drag and drop to work. I attached the file, and the specific issue is on slide 1.2.

I'd like users to drag all the healthy choices to the left side of the plate (the shaded region); doing so will move them to the next slide. Now that I think of it, I need to somehow make the end result a trigger. Anyway, my most immediate problem is that when I preview and drag the fruit to the shaded region (I made the entire plate the drop target; I don't know how to make just the shaded region a target. I can't find any way of drawing a half circle; otherwise I'd just use that as a layer and a trigger) I get a "Try again." message. This shouldn't be the case because I set up the plate as the drop target.

What am I missing? I'm blown away by the level of help you guys offer. Thanks in advance!

PS I'd love any and all feedback on my course so far (I know it's only two slides). I'm relatively new to this!   

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Heather

I added a hotspot (roughly used the rectangle but you could use the freeform hotspot and draw if you like) to the left hand side of the plate and used this in the form view as the drop target - see if this works for you. I also changed the state of the instruction to hidden when the user clicks outside the hotspot (so when they pick the first item to drag).

Heather Vogt


    Thank you so much for your prompt response and fixes. I applied them both and see great results. Thanks!

     Another problem I'm having now though is that when only the strawberries are dragged to the hotspot, the Correct feedback is shown when the user hits the Submit button. I'd like to get the Incorrect feedback (so users grab all the healthy choices). Oddly enough, when users grab the blueberries alone or the apple slices alone, they get the Incorrect feedback (which is what I want).

    Any ideas why that would be? I attached the reworked project. Thanks! 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Heather

I'm not near my laptop at the moment to check your file but have a look at the drag and drop options you have selected and see if there is one ticked - delay interaction until submit button clicked. Another issue I found with SL is it doesn't play well with groups in DnD - another suggestion might be to save your grouped drag options as pictures and then reinsert them. 

Hopefully someone else can chime in to help you if those suggestions don't work.