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Hi All,


I have been happily publishing courses to our LMS but want to start adding a portfolio to my own website and to start joining in on the challenges here. But I can't find instructions anywhere on how to actually do this beyond the basic starting point of publishing to web within Storyline.

I am finding it incredibly frustrating that I can build a great course but can't manage a website!

So I have storyline files in the published folder and a Wordpress website.  How do I put them together?

Thanks in advance,






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Sandy Shailes

Hi Leslie,

I had already installed the embed or insert articulate plug in onto the wordpress dashboard, but nothing anywhere then tells me where/how to upload the zip file or how to actually place the course on the website.

what do I do now?

any suggestions (insert "for stupid people" here)?

I can't believe this is so difficult.  Totally ok with working in an LMS but know nothing about making a standard website work, let alone adding anything beyond a blog...