Newbie tuck on something simple - would like to toggle between slides

I would like to toggle between 2 menu slides. Toggle appearing on slide one at left; move to right would get me menu 2 on a different slide. Then on "page 2", I would like the toggle to appear at the far right and a move to the left would cause page 1 to appear. Sorry - I have looked at the e-learning challenges as I am so new to this, but they are beyond me. [My learning curve seems to be steeper than most so I am trying to be patient with myself so I don't give up].

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Patti Bryant

Hi Robin!

Don't give up! You'll get there and then you'll know even more than when you began. We all had to go through this, so you aren't alone!

It sounds like you may need a simple slider. I could be wrong. But, it sounds like you could slide to one side and see menu 1 and slide to the other side and see menu 2. If that's the case, there are a lot of tutorials on using sliders, including this and this one.

Then, you'd create 2 layers (one for each menu) and simply have 2 triggers. Slide to the left and see layer 1. Slide to the right and see layer 2.

This may or may not be what you were looking for. If it isn't, please provide more details and I can help further.

Keepin' the joy,


Robin Wooten

Jackson - May many blessings be yours!!! That simple example was exactly what I needed! I knew it was a simple solution, but I was not fully understanding the tutorials (or I missed the correct one). More than one light bulb went off by seeing your example. [ I really appreciate it as I have 11 days left to finish this project and make it so amazing that it justifies the S2 purchase].

Thanks all.