Newly Appearing iPad Bug: Spinning cursor freeze

Hi Heroes,

Suddenly, all of our courses that have HTML5 versions are freezing when they are opened on an iPad from our LMS (Oracle/PeopleSoft 9.1). We tested these last year fully, and they were working. It may be a problem with loading audio files. We haven't changed the files since last year, and they've stopped working.

Other fun facts: The Flash versions still work fine. New courses show the same problem, whether I export them in Storyline 2 or Storyline 360. Also, they play fine from the Articulate 360 site, as well as from SCORM Cloud. 

Anyone know of any changes in iOS or iPad browsers that might cause this to happen? New security changes?

Thanks in advance,


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Robert Edgar

Hi Leslie,

Yes, it works both in SCORM Cloud and the Articulate 360 Review site.

It may well be a problem with our LMS setup, but I'm researching all possibilities.



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Leslie McKerchie

I can certainly appreciate that and hopefully anyone with information will be able to chime in and assist. If the pendulum starts swinging back our way, just let me know and I'd be happy to troubleshoot further with you.

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