Next and Prev buttons not displaying when Reviewing a Quiz

Instead of showing Prev and Next buttons during Quiz Review, the slides are only showing a Submit button [when slide player features were customized]. Does anyone know how to remedy this? [Update: This has been fixed in SL2 release 2] I want the user to be able to move around in the quiz while reviewing:

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Will Findlay

I changed my player so that it doesn't have a seekbar by default. Then I reset all the quiz slides to "Player defaults" under "Player features" and that appears to have fixed it.

So from now on until this gets fixed I guess I will default to never having a seekbar in my player, and then adding a seekbar to a slide only when needed. (I was having a seekbar be part of the player)

Kristen Hull

I am having the same problem.  It seemed to occur after I followed this screenr.  I wanted the Next button on quiz review to only show quiz questions (instead it was showing me the actual next slide).  I couldn't get it to work though, and now I can't get the next button back on the review for the one slide that is in a different scene than all the other quiz slides.  (Does that make any sense at all?  It is Friday afternoon and I have been working on this for longer than I should be).

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Kristen,


Tx for checking out that screenr in SL2. I was surprised to see that the workaround that worked for SL1 doesn't work for SL2. I hope staff can bring this to the attention of development so they can perhaps look into it. But, I did come up with a different workaround, which you'll see in the attached file.

I placed the trigger to jump to the next quiz question - again this is during REVIEW - on the content slide that follows the quiz question.


Jump to Quiz Question on Review

I've attached the update story file here so you can take a look. I've included the reference to the variables on each slide to make it easier to see what's going on.

Tx again for the heads up. Hope someone can answer the other issues with the next button. Perhaps you can upload your file here?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Becky,

I did let our QA team know about that one - and presume it's that SL2 can no longer be tricked into assigning a trigger to a button that isn't actually enabled. It's a bummer that it doesn't work that way - but the other option is one that Justin Grenier described in this screenr


Will and Kristen,

Do you have a file that we could take a look at? These issues sound similar, but I'd like to see how the elements were set up to determine next steps for you both. 

Kristen Hull

Rebecca- thanks for responding.  As I am learning Storyline, I've been watching your screenrs the most!

Ashley- I got really frustrated with how long it was taking me to get this to work, so I gave up.  The question that wasn't with the other ones is no longer scored.  Now it only reviews/scores questions that are in order.  Sorry that doesn't help for troubleshooting!



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kristen,

Wow! You truly made my evening ;)

I put together a new SL file with that "new" workaround for SL2, so thought I'd upload it here. I'll try to find some time to put together a Screenr (actually, I've been more recently placing instructional videos on my YouTube channel: (that's a zero in the URL - 027), so that's probably where I'll post.

Anyway, I believe this does the trick, and would love to have community members and or staff put it to the test. This still uses a T/F variable (default is false), but instead of messing around with the question slide, the trigger is placed on each content slide that immediately follows a question slide. And the trigger says, "Jump to the next question slide when the timeline starts on this content slide if the JumptoVariable = True.

So, it sort of looks like this:

Content slide
Q1 Slide
Content (jump to next question slide if the Jump variable = True)
Q2 slide(jump to next question slide if the Jump variable = True)
Q3 Slide

So, the first time around, the variable is False, so the content slides work. The variable is flipped to true when Learners click the Review button. So the content slides are skipped during review

If anyone tries it, or has questions or comments about it, please shout out!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Will for sharing your case number. I see that Cleo did escalate this to our QA Team in the same report I initially shared with them about this method that was created in SL1 not working in SL2, and our team is currently looking into it. 

Thanks Becky for sharing another example. I do see a bit of a flicker/flash of the other slides with this one - but again depending on the individual needs, it would work and is similar to that method Justin shared, and the piece where  he added a layer to cover up the content slide and at least make the "flash" less noticeable that there is content. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashley,

Yes, you're right, there is still a flicker. Jason's blank layer with Base Layer hidden is a great tip. I've added that to my workaround in my toolkit. Uploading here for anyone that's following (hope all the uploads aren't annoying).

In "my" version, these triggers need only be placed on a Content slide immediately following Question slides (rather than all content slides), but I'm not dealing with question banks.

Will Findlay

We just found another more serious issue with the original problem (no Next button). If a quiz (like the one I've described) is in the middle of your content, and the user clicks "Review Quiz", and you have restricted navigation, they get stuck and cannot progress any further in the module. They don't have a "Next" button to get to the next slide. 

I have attached an example file (I've only included the slides that illustrate the point). To see what I mean...

  1. Take the 4 question quiz (correct answers are marked)
  2. Click Review Quiz
  3. There is now no way to get to the slide(s) after the quiz. A user has to completely start over the module and must not click Review Quiz on any intermediary quiz or they will get stuck.

(I was getting reports that people were getting stuck in this course, and finally tracked down what was happening)

Will Findlay

By the way, for anyone who might encounter this, the current workaround is to turn off Custom Player features for your quiz question slides. But who wants the seekbar showing on a quiz question with no audio?

You might say, but you can make the default slide NOT have a seekbar. But then I say, who wants to make every slide with audio a custom player slide (by adding the seekbar manually to every slide with audio)? But then, I do it this second way anyway after a little grumbling.

So the rule of thumb is this: make sure your quiz question slides do not have Custom features turned on if you give learners the option to Review Quiz in your Results slide.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susana,

Are you using the latest update of Storyline 2? Per the documentation previously linked for Will:

If you set the Player features for a quiz slide to Custom for the selected slides, you may find that thePrev and Next navigation buttons are missing from the slide during quiz review.

This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Articulate Storyline 2. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, download and install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email or get it here, then republish your course.

We're currently on update 4 of Storyline 2, so that would be included in the most recent update as well.