Next and Prev buttons not displaying when Reviewing a Quiz

Instead of showing Prev and Next buttons during Quiz Review, the slides are only showing a Submit button [when slide player features were customized]. Does anyone know how to remedy this? [Update: This has been fixed in SL2 release 2] I want the user to be able to move around in the quiz while reviewing:

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ravindra,

Just to clarify, the initial issue with the prev/next buttons not working in Storyline 2, was as follows:

If you set the Player features for a quiz slide to Custom for the selected slides, you may find that the Prev and Next navigation buttons are missing from the slide during quiz review. 

That issue was fixed as a part of Update 2. The Update Emily mentioned here, dealt with the other issue in this thread in terms of the review and how the triggers were not working correctly. So the Prev/Next buttons during review should be available by default  as detailed here.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Rebecca doesn't seem to get back into the forums as often, so I'm not certain she'll be able to pop in here. Are you looking to use the same set up to allow for students to retry only particular questions? I know other users have mentioned doing the same type of set up with variable tracking to allow for users to only attempt those that they got incorrect for example. 

Dan Bowden


I am running Storyline 2 update 7 and have just come across this issue again within a quiz using a question bank. The fix does seem to have worked but has meant having to use the built in 'Submit' button in a quiz.

This is a frustration as I am using custom built buttons everywhere else in the course apart from on a quiz.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Dan

i remember reading about a hack of the frame.xml file after publish but I can't seem to find it at the moment.


i did find this post from Hero Steve Flowers that might work for you:

If I remember correctly, if you add custom prev / next buttons to your question slides and control the visibility with a variable, the built-in buttons do not appear since there's already a slide trigger on the slide.

1) Add custom back / next buttons (default to hidden) to your slides along with your submit (might be best to do this in the master slide for the questions)

2) Add a variable (inTest = true)

3) For each slide (or master) add a trigger to show the custom prev / next buttons if inTest=false.

4) Also add a trigger to hide the submit button if inTest=false;

5) On your results slide, set the inTest variable to false

This'll make your submit go away and the prev / next appear during the review. It should also suppress the appearance of built-in navigation, provided you have them unchecked in slide properties as well as the player.

heres a link to the post

Wendy Farmer
Carrie Conville

Hi everyone - I have read all of this and am still having an issue. I am in ST2 and it is updated. My issue occurs when the user elects to "Review Quiz" - the Next & Prev buttons work to get them through the review of all questions. However, when they get back to the Results screen the Next button is missing to move on to the last page. Oddly, if the user elects not to "Review Quiz" and just clicks the Next button on the Results screen as soon as they pass the quiz it does take them to the final page. I want to note that I did previously have all my quiz questions have a custom player but I changed them all back to default after reading this thread - could that be it? HELP!

Carrie Conville

Hi Leslie and Wendy - unfortunately due to company policies, I cannot upload my course to this site. I am working through different solutions and I managed to fix the Next button after Review Quiz to get to the final slide, but now if you fail, retry the quiz and pass the Next button is not appearing there.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carrie! I understand. It is hard to help without seeing the file though. What did you do to correct the previous issue? It sounds like you may have the base layer objects hidden and this may be why you cannot navigate when on a feedback layer. Check out this tutorial.

If you can share privately, you are welcome to upload here.