Next and Previous Buttons not working

Can someone plz take a look at the attached file? For some reason, the next/previous buttons are not working when you get to the "knowledge check" slide. Also, the Player seems to lock up if you click on the knowledge check topic and then try to click on another topic. Slide navigation is set to "Free" in the player. Knowledge check slide has Previous and Next triggers. I have the same config in another lesson/file and it's working. Not sure why this file isn't. Can you take a look and see if there's something I'm missing? Thank you!



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Len Agosta

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I went to the master, removed a rectangle object called "pic cover," and now the Previous and Next buttons are working. The "pic cover" is just a rectangle object at 80% transparency that covers a background pic (when the slide background is set to "picture from file". Can we not do that in a Master?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Len,

I saw the same thing when removing that picture - but I'm not sure why it would be impacting the prev/next buttons (I even tried moving it). Without knowing more about how it was created, my first thought is an element of corruption in that picture or rectangle? Have you confirmed to be working on local  project files as working off a network drive or shared drive could contribute to the behavior.