Next and previous buttons to appear once layers have been visited

Feb 05, 2016

I am attempting to hide the previous and next buttons on a base layer until the user has visited each icon (layer) on the slide. Once the user has visited all of the icons, I need the next/previous buttons to appear so they can advance through the rest of the presentation. Any help to figure this out is much appreciated! 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lindy

the opportunity to change state of Next / Prev buttons isn't available in SL1 so I have changed it to use a variable.

I have only done it for the Next button but let me know if that helps you or if your requirement is different - upload your .story file using the 'Add Attachment' button in the post and I'll try and help you further.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lindy

here you go.

I created a T/F variable called 'progressNext' that is default False.

I set a trigger on the Step 6 layer:

Adjust variable 'progressNext' to True when the media completes on layer .

I set a trigger on the base layer:

Jump to Next slide when user clicks the Next button on condition that nextProgress = true.

Here is a tutorial on variables that may help you.

You could probably tidy up the file by removing all duplicate objects on all the layers and just having them on the base layer - but at the moment if what you are doing works for you - go with that.

Shout out if you need more help.

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