Next buttom skipping screens in preview and on LMS

Trying to figure out why when clicking the Next button in the player it's skipping a screen.  You see it display just for a second and then it skips to the next one.  Seeing this in preview mode in Storyline as well as in courses posted on our LMS.  Just started this yesterday...11/19.  Using update 4:1311.817 in XP.



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Lisa Hanes

Hey, Peter...

I noticed this behavior yesterday when previewing a course I'm updating.  But today, I ran a different course on our LMS checking some content, and noticied it was doing the same skip.  That course was posted a couple of months ago, so I'm not sure about the timing of when we actually began seeing the skip behavior.

I would be happy to open a ticket.  Our courses are pretty big files.  How can I get it to you?  Our email attachment limit is 10M.

Appreciate your help!