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Feb 29, 2016


I have a launch scene with 8 buttons that takes the learner to 8 individual scenes. I have a trigger that changes the Next button on the launch scene to Hidden each time the timeline starts for the launch scene. When each button gets clicked the state of the button changes to visited and jumps to the appropriate scene, the learner repeats this for each button. I have a trigger that changes the state of the next button to normal when all 8 buttons have the visited state.

Change to Normal trigger

When you click the 8th button you can see the Next button appear. However when you come back to the launch scene the Next button is not there.

I have tried moving the triggers up and down, associated a true/false variable and a numeric value variable and can not get the next button to appear.

As I do not want the learners to go to the next slide until all scenes have been viewed.  If this cannot be done it is a game changer for my course and I'm on a very tight timeframe.

I've attached a cut down copy of the .story file.

I suspect it is something to do with that trigger of the initial state of the Next button, but using variables and different variations of changing states has not worked.

Any help gladly appreciated.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

Glad that Josiah was able to assist you here! Using the "when variable changes" trigger is one that can be a bit tricky as it's looking for the variable change to occur at that moment and on that slide to execute the trigger - so if you've changed the variable on another slide or section of the course, that trigger won't execute as the variable has already changed. 

Hope that helps clarify the trigger set up. 

Greg McEntee

Thanks Ashley, makes perfect sense.

For general information, I changed the trigger from a numeric value to a true/false value as per the screen shot, which ensures the learner visits each module. The initial value of the variable is false. This trigger must be placed before the 2 triggers to change the Next buttons state. The numeric value would have reached its trigger limit prematurely if a learner visited the same module more than once.

True/False trigger

Mike Enders

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to chime in on this one. You shouldn't need to redo with variables. The states approach will work (and keep things a little simpler).  

What was happening with your files is that it was partially trigger order and partially the trigger itself.  

You had a trigger to hide the next button when the timeline starts. This was below the trigger that was evaluating the visited states.  So even if the each of the objects has a visited state, that trigger to change the next button to normal will be overridden (when you return to the slide) by the next trigger which says to hide it when the timeline starts.

So the solution is to add a set of conditions onto the 2nd trigger as well. So we add some conditions to that trigger that basically say to change the Next Button to hidden when the timeline starts if any of those buttons are not visited.

I hope this helps!



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