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Oct 15, 2014

Is it possible to have the Next and Previous buttons appear after a piece of media plays or the timeline ends?

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Nelson Rokke

Hey Adam,

As far as I know, with Storyline 1, you can't make the previous or next buttons appear when the media completes or timeline ends on the course player. I do believe this feature is available in Storyline 2, though!

Here is how I've been able to accomplish what you're attempting to do with Storyline 1 :

  1. add conditions to the player triggers - to prevent users from jumping to the previous or next slide until the timeline ends or media completes. Although the buttons will appear on the course player, they won't function until the conditions are satisfied.
  2. create custom previous/next buttons and set up a trigger to have them appear when the media completes or timeline ends

Hopefully this helps!


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