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Mar 25, 2013

Is there a way to remove the next button on specific slides in storyline? I have a couple of slides that I don't want the learner to be able to jump forward. I know I can turn the trigger off, but it confuses the learner when they have that button displayed.

Also, with the tabs interaction set up, is there a way to not have the next button show up or work until they have reviewed all the tabs from that slide?

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Will Bladon

I dont think so, as I believe the next buttons are there for the whole slide (or not). Be interesting if I am incorrect here as I have wondered this as well.

To get around the problem, I have done a similar thing, where each of the tabs has a state of 'visited' (which to make it easier for the learner I had a little green tick show on it as well). Then you can add a button to the slide that would have the same function as the 'next' button, but only appears when all of your tabs have changed state to 'visited'.

Not perfect as it is slightly different design wise from the rest, but it provides this functionality- of forcing people to view information!

Hope that helps/


Donna Morvan

Hello Debbie,

The answer is YES.. on the trigger to Jump to Next Slide when they click on Next button.. - add conditions

You can work with States or Variables to do this.

On states - it would go something like.. only when status of object is = visited

On variables - let's say you create a T/F variable "tab visited", you can set it to false initially that changes to True when a tab is visited.. so your condition will go something like: if tab visited = true


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