Next button always disable using trigger.


I want to use the Restricted navigation to force learners to view all the slides in the right order. It works well.

In this example I have a slide "Folder Tabs".

What I want to do is to disable the Next button and to enable it when user have visited all tabs (in a folder) . So I have added triggers to do that and it seems to work. However when user goes back to the slide the Next button is disable again whereas all tabs are visited.

I have joint my story file.

Thanks for your help.

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Ricky Nox

Hi Rebecca,

that sounds good !! Thanks !

However I don't understand why my triggers didn't work.

The first one was Disable button

The second one was Enable with visited condition.

So the first trigger must run before the seconde one.

I understand that in any case  the first trigger disable the button. But the second trigger should activate it if tab are visited. In my case I think the second trigger is not running.

Am I wrong ?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Eric,

Since your first trigger says to Disable the next button when the timeline starts, Storyline thinks you ALWAYS want to disable the next button on that slide when the timeline starts.

Your second trigger IS working while the Learner is on that slide, but when they revisit the slide, SL sees the "disable the next button when the timeline starts" triggers, and does what we've asked it to do.

By adding that condition (next button s/b disabled only IF the state of ANY of the tabs is not = to visited), we're letting SL know that it should ONLY disable the button IF Learners haven't gone through the items on the slide at least one time.

Does that help clear things up?

Ricky Nox

Hi Rebecca,

thanks for your explanation.

But I don't unerstand why the slide must be revisited again? For me the state "Visited" should says "has been already visited and it is not necessary to visit it again". Could it be a bug ?

You solution works well, but seems to be a little difficult because we must take into account all the tabs in the trigger. Don't forget one !

Is there a state or a variable indicating that the slide has been already visited ?

Last point, in my example, even if you revisit all the tabs, the next button stays disable.

Phil Mayor

Not a bug (I would say this is expected behaviour), but agree it is confusing, you have the slide set to revisited state, on the initial visit it is disabled then enabled, but when you revisit only the timeline start triggers fire which disables the next button again.

Rebecca's solution traps this and prevents it.

As the states haven't changed again the trigger which listens for state change will not pick this up as the disable fired after the state changes were registered.  

unfortunately there isn't a trigger or state to say the slide has been visited once

Mariya Mubarak

I ran into the same issue. This is what I did.

1) Click the settings button next to the Base Layer.

2) In the Slide Properties dialog box, in the When revisiting drop-down, choose Reset to Initial State.

This restarts the slide when I go forward and come back. It re-applies all the trigger conditions, therefore disabling the Next button to begin with and then enabling it when the conditions have been met. Hope this is what you were trying to achieve.

Ricky Nox


I have installed SL2 on a new computer. And I have discovered that the template slide  "Folder Tabs", used in this discussion, is no longer present. So, I guess that it is not included in the default SL2 template. 

 I can see that only "Modern Interaction"  but not "Top interaction" . Perhaps the "Top Interaction" were installed on with the previous SL1.

 But the question is : where can I download this "Folder Tabs" template ?  I haven't found it in the download section.

Thanks for help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Hm, that's odd as I see that I still have the Top Interaction as an option within my templates. You mentioned you installed it  on a new computer - did you previously have the Top Interaction as a part of your SL2 install? You may want to look at repairing Storyline as described here. 

Here is a folder tabs interaction template you could download for Storyline. 

Ginny Asher


I have a slide that Is et the next button to disabled when the timeline starts. I have then set variables to be set to true when the user click on various icons on the slide and lightbox a screen. Once all the pictures on the slide have been clicked (and hence all lightbox slides  viewed) I have set the player button to be normal. This all works well and the player button re-sets to normal. I have then set the player button to jump to another slide when the user clicks the next button but this does not go to any slide and freezes. Can someone help me with this issue?



Ginny Asher

I have tried to send the .story file but your mail server has rejected it as too big
Please advise as to how I can best send this to you
Many thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ginny,

First off, replying via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to edit the post to remove that information if you wish. If the file is too large to share here you can look at stripping it down to a few sample slides that are representative of your problem or you can also send it along to our Support engineers here. If you go that route, please let us know the case number so that we can follow along.