Next button and Objects on Timeline

May 29, 2014

Dear colleagues,

While building a course I faced the following trouble: I have several objects on the slide which are aligned to a certain timeline, they appear one after another, also several note boxes appear either in parallel with images or after them.

To move to the next slide a user should click "NEXT" button. But in many cases it can be confusing for a user when he should click NEXT, because they can't be sure that all the pop-up text/images have already appeared. So there is a possibility they might skip them or they really need to wait and see if anything else will arise.

Question: can "NEXT" button be set up to appear on the slide only after at he timeline for all slide object is over?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dina and welcome to Heroes! 

You won't be able to hide the "next" button on the player but you can disable it from being used until the user has interacted with or seen all elements of the slide. You can follow along with the article here on how to set this up.  If you were using a custom next button, you could set that to be the last thing that appears on the timeline and then the user wouldn't be able to advance until that was seen. 

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