Next button appears when revisiting but not selected

Aug 08, 2014

I am trying to fix a Storyline course that has Storyline created quizzes. The toolbox on the base layers of the question has the NEXT button unchecked. However when a learner revisits the course or uses the previous button to go back to these screens, the NEXT button appears. This is OK that it reappears - but it doesn't work on the last question of each scene and the learner is trapped. I've made it so that the "continue" button (which advances the learner when they are taking the quiz the first time) stays visible and jumps to the next scene. They can technically still move forward if they figure this out - but the next button is still there and does nothing. I can't control the Next button since it is unchecked anyway. Is this just a weird glitch with Storyline quizzes?

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Carole Manny

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I have a slide with a quiz question. At first, I simply hid the NEXT button, and when it reappeared after the user hits SUBMIT, it didn't work. Obviously, that's because I don't have a trigger attached to it. I couldn't figure out how to use a variable to direct it.

Next, I tried activating the NEXT button on the Slide Properties but added a trigger to hide it until the user correctly answers the quiz question. That didn't work either. I guess I didn't set the trigger and variable correctly, and after reading more about variables, I'm still not sure how to do it properly. Here's what I did:

Should I use States instead?

I appreciate your help.

Carole Manny

I can probably share the file if necessary. But in a nutshell, I added the Next button because the Next button that automatically reappeared after the slide was revisited doesn’t work. (After all, how can you add a trigger to a Next button if it doesn’t show up in the Trigger panel?) That’s why I made it active, then tried to add a trigger to hide it until the user completed the question. That doesn’t work either. There must be a simple solution that I’m overlooking.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carole!

Thanks for sharing and allowing me to take a look. Since you were trying to hide this button, I assume you do not want the user to 'skip' over it, correct?

The issue being if the user utilizes the Prev button and gets back to that slide and then they are stuck?

You can add a trigger for the Next button that comes up during the review process, but it's a bit of a trick.

Copy the default Next button trigger, then you can delete the Next button from the slide properties, and then paste the trigger back in the trigger panel. You may want to actually set it to the specific slide since it is a new scene.

I've attached your updated file if you'd like to take a look and see if this is what you were looking for.

Kimberly Loughlin

Hi - sorry this note was so long ago. I'm glad they were able to help above.

On that course, I did eventually just activate the next button to appear if it was on a quiz question that needed to jump to a new scene so they weren't trapped. I then did an error trap message layer to pop up if they tried to click next but not complete activity, yada yada.  

To be honest, lately I (and all of my fellow developers) don't use the next/prev buttons as provided in Storyline in our courses. We use our own custom onscreen buttons. It saves a ton of headache and gives us much more flexibility to control. Easier to make the next button only appear after an action has taken place etc, instead of all the variables to make the next button function at a certain time and need for an error trap layer.   It also gets rid of the new problem on lockdown player mode - that forces the learner to have to wait for the timeline to end before proceeding. (There is a storyline community post-publish workaround for that - but its a pain).  

Carole Manny

The error trap message is an interesting workaround I hadn't considered. For consistency, my group has been told to stick to the default player navigation for the current series we're developing, although I suppose I could create my own buttons that simply look like the defaults.

This discussion has been very helpful. It boosts my confidence in using Storyline. Thanks to all! 

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