Next button available only after 4 objects = visited

I've taken a year long break from Storyline and it's showing! (And I am the worst at searching on the Forums.)

I have a Next button that jumps to a Learning Assessment. but, that can't happen until 4 objects have been clicked.

So, the Player Trigger is jump to the Learning Assessment when the user clicks the Next button. and one or variables are equal to True. And True is equal to an object being visited.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

Searching the forums has had some issues in the recent past - so if using the regular search functionality on the forum page doesn't work as expected, you may want to use the method Adrian describes here. 

It sounds like this tutorial is what you're looking for - to disable the user from utilizing the next button until they've interacted with all slide elements. If not, could you share a bit more about your set up - maybe even just that one slide in your .story file?