"Next" button - can this be done?

Jun 25, 2016


Client wants a standard "next button" on a slide.

Wants it to launch a video (on a layer) when clicked the first time, and then when the video is completed, for the "Next" button to go to the next slide.

Cannot see how to do this, as you only seem to be able to execute one variable-led command for the Next button?

Am I missing something here? Could do with an answer this weekend if possible!



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Bruce Graham

Hi Michael, and thanks.

Are you able to do this WITHOUT the "Click Next" text box? I have no need for it, because the voiceover explains what to do, but while I can get the first "click" to fire off the video, I cannot seem to get the 2nd one to move on, and I'm still wondering what I'm doing wrong :(

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