Next button controls

This may be a super simple question...but I have an intro slide with music that lasts about 30 seconds...however, I want the user to be able to press next and move beyond the intro slide if they would this possible to do?

Also, can I force someone to sit through the entirety of the content on a slide rather than allowing them to click on the slider to advance the audio on a slide, then simply click next to get around sitting through the eLearning? 

I really appreciate your help!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dan! Welcome to Heroes! 

Yes, you can absolutely do that. You'll want to set up this trigger:

Jump to slide Next Slide when user clicks the next button.

And to your second question, you'll want to change your Player Properties to Seekbar is Read Only. That way, your users will have a visual indicator of the slide's timeline, but they will not be able to skip ahead. Additionally, you'll need to disable the next button on the slide until the timeline ends. To do that, you'll need 2 triggers:

  1. Change state of Next Button to Disabled when timeline starts on [current slide].
  2. Change state of Next Button to Normal when timeline ends on [current slide].

Give it a shot, and let me know if it works for you!

dan streeter

Hi Alyssa,

Love the second solution, we'll try that today to see if we can get it to work...I am certain it will. 

The first solution however is where we are stuck...I had the slide set-up this way and it will not advance without finishing the music content...any other suggestions? Is there a trigger that I can build into the music?