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Douglas Spencer

I do not think it is possible to gray out the next button but you can disable it but putting conditions in.

For instance, a variable could be false until the user clicked something on the slide or if the timeline ended. The Next button would only work on the condition that the variable was true.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lora,

As Douglas said, the built-in Next button CAN be disabled but CANNOT be grayed out.

As Kevin noted, a custom next button can also be disabled, and you CAN change the color.

David Fair has some good instructional videos and there is more information on the Next button on this support page. You may find this will provide some direction for what you're wanting to do.

Lora Alston

I think i asked the question wrong....I have a customer who would like the next buttoon on the player to disable for a timed period before the next button is available. Essentially making the user read the content on the screen and not be able to just keep clicking next. Can you set a variable on the "next" player button?

Helen Tyson

Hi Lora

You need to add a condition to the Next button trigger so it only works when certain conditions have been met, such as when buttons have been visited, text entry fields are not empty or variables equal a certain value.

Click the Show Conditions link at the bottom of the Trigger Wizard, click the + symbol and build the condition from the options there.

Hope that helps