Next Button disable-enable + sound stop for good

Hi all. In my course I have a set of slides (I attached them) which built a sort of chain. What I want and cannot handle is:

Main slide - tiles lead to sub-slides (not layers)

- stop audio as soon as someone click on any of the tiles and don't play anymore when coming back to the Main slide from a sub-slide.

- disable NEXT button from start. Enable NEXT Button after all sub-slides have been visited.

- have state of tiles changed when respective sub-slide has been visited or the tile was clicked (this I have already but when I want the sound to stop for good...I just don't know. Like, resume main slide when re-visiting or not?)

Subslides are ok as they are.

I would appreciate any kind of idea.



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Margit,

In the attached version 2 of your original Storyline file I have created six new True/False variables, CyberEmailComplete, CyberPhoneComplete, CyberTorrentComplete, CyberTwitterComplete, CyberVideoComplete and CyberWebComplete, which are initially set to False.

These variables are changed to True when the Next button is selected on the final slide in their respective groups (note, it is essential that these triggers occur before the user is jumped back to the main menu slide).

On returning to the main slide, the audio is stopped when the timeline starts if any one of the new variables is True. In addition, the state of the Next button is changed to Normal when the timeline starts if all of the new variables are True (note, this trigger must occur after the trigger that initially changes the state of the Next button to Disabled).

Normally, I would also use these new variables to change the state of the menu images to Complete (Done in your case), however you already have a system that works so there is no need to change it if you don't wish to.

If you want to prevent the user from re-visiting any of the areas that they have already visited, you can also use these new variables to disable their respective image button.