Next button disappear and reappear

I am working on a course in which I'd like to have the Next button absent until the learner chooses to return to review material on the screen.

I've set up triggers and variables to:

  • Make the Next button disappear
  • All tabs must be selected before they can move forward
  • When the knowledge check is complete, it moves the learner forward to the next section of the course

I want the next button to appear when all of the above is complete and the learner is returning to review content. I don't want them to have to take the knowledge check/quiz again to review material and to move forward.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erica and welcome to Heroes!

Is the knowledge check happening on this slide as well? Could you adjust a variable based on the completion of the knowledge check from False to True - and then use a trigger to change the state of the next button based on the variable being true? If this is all happening on one slide - it may be seen for a second before the user is automatically moved forward - as the variable trigger will need to be before the jump to slide trigger. Or, how is the user returning to review content? Are they using a button layer on in the course? If so, you could use the clicking of that button to adjust the variable and then show the next button based on that.

You will also want to amend your automatic trigger to only jump to the next slide, if that variable is false - meaning that when they're in "review" mode they won't be automatically advanced forward which could be confusing to the user.

Erica Inge

Thanks for your reply. I'm able to get the Next button to appear once all of the tabs are selected--so I have a variable that indicates when the slide is complete and the trigger runs correctly, but when the learner moves to another section of the course and returns via the sidebar menu, the Next button is missing. So even though all of the tab interactions are showing they've been visited (their states show them as visited), the Next button is missing. It's like the slide forgets that it's complete if the learner navigates back through the menu. I've tried setting the slide properties on the base layer to Resume to Saved State and to Automatically Decide to no avail.

Ragini Mangla


I am also facing a similar issue as described by Erica. On one of the slides, I have set the initial state of Next button to disabled. A trigger is set up to make the Next button appear normal when all the tabs interactions on this slide are in visited state. The Next button does come to the normal state on clicking all tabs; however, on revisiting the slide , the Next button again goes back to the disabled state. Like Erica mentioned, "as if the slide forgot that it's complete." Not sure if there has been a solution to this issue yet. 

Deb Korbel

I experienced this same issue -- however, every click takes the user to a slide layer.  The button is disabled until the user has visited every slide layer.  Once they've selected every interaction, the next button enables but on the last slide layer.  If they click to go back to the based layer, then the next button is still disabled.

Walt Hamilton

Ragini and Deb,

It depends on how you choose to make the NEXT button disabled, and what triggers it to become enabled. In general, many people have this problem if they rely on "When state is" to trigger the change. It is best to write the trigger as "When some discernible action occurs, if the states are visited."

There are SO many ways this can go wrong. If you will attach your .story file here, somebody will take a look at it, and I'll bet you get an answer specific to your situation.

Ragini Mangla

Thank you, Walt for taking time out to reply to my question. I agree with you, the only way I could make it work was by setting the trigger so that an action happens when all states are visited, instead of the just setting the NEXT button to enable. I used a variable as described in this post here:

This worked perfect for my situation.