Next button disappears when returning to previous page

Dec 21, 2016

Hi!  I am using the default next/prev buttons and my course is restricted.  I have the next button hidden on a page where the learner has to click on other objects and open layers.  Once all the layers are "visited" the next button appears.  When you move to the next page and decide to come back via the prev button, the next button is gone again and you have to click all the objects again in order to see the next button.  I have tried setting it to "save initial state" when revisiting, but that isn't changing anything.  Is there a way to show the next button when returning to an already visited page when you have a "hide" next button state initially?

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Emily Ruby

Hi Jan,

Is the trigger to hide the next button set to hide on Timeline start? If so, the button will hide anytime you revisit the slide. Since the timeline is restarting, the trigger will kick in. You will need to add some variables to work around this.

You will need to add a variable for the slide that has the next button disabled, such as slide1. Make it T/F variable, default false. Then you will need to have something on that slide adjust the variable to True before moving to the next slide. 

Set the trigger to Hide the Next button on timeline start with a condition that the variable is False. So when you return after the variable is adjusted to True, the next button will appear.

I attached an example so you can see the trigger set up. Also here is an introduction to variables  to give some more insight.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this!

Jan Morris

Thanks.  I will add the variables.  But what is interesting is I have a page where the next button does not disappear upon revisiting.  The only thing different is that I have a text box that appears 1 second into the timeline and the trigger to change the next button to normal is tied to that.  When revisiting that page, the next button remains on the page. 

Jan Morris

Hi.  This has created a new problem.  My next button is set to be hidden until all objects on the page are clicked (all layers shown).  When I added the new variable and the triggers you provided, the next button appears on the page initially instead of being hidden. I've compared all my triggers to the ones you provided and cannot figure this out.  Nothing is set wrong.  Is another trigger needed or perhaps a property set differently?  Where could I email the file to show you what is happening?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sending over your file, Jan! I replied to your email within the case, but I also wanted to share my reply here.

The reason why the navigation restriction works for slide 2.5 and not for any subsequent slides  is that you're using the same 'buttonrevisited' variable for slides 2.5, 2.14, 2.15, 3.5, 3.25, and 3.26. Once 'buttonrevisited' becomes True on slide 2.5, it stays true for the remainder of the course. You mentioned that you added a trigger to revert the variable back to false, but I did not see this trigger. What slide is it on? 

My recommendation is to create a different variable for each of the slides listed above. For example, you could create a variable called 'buttonrevisited2.5' for slide 2.5, and so on. Also, keep in mind that you'll want to set the initial value of all variables to False. 

Give this a try, and let me know if it works for you! 

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