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Susi B

Hi Raquel,

did you set your course to restricted? If it is, the lenght of the timeline of the base layer defines the "blocking" time. You can put the video on a new layer and set the base layer to 0 seconds. Add a trigger that shows the video layer when the timeline of the empty base layer starts.

Does this help? :)


Raquel Hernandez

Thanks, Susi.  Yes, it did help.

Since my course does not need a menu, I simply changed the menu navigation to free as I want users to have the ability to skip content if they decide to do so. 

Just a note to others (since it took me a while to figure it out), a course is set to free, restricted or locked from the Menu settings icon on the Player (see screenshot).  I had not realized that the Menu Settings affect how the entire course behaves in terms of navigation.