Next button does not work after revisiting question slide. Help!

I've read a number of old posts with a number of ideas/workaround, but I am desperate for a simpler, more elegant solution...and also late in delivering my mods.

In SL 360, I have 5 scenes. At the end of 2, 3, and 4 is a quiz question with no results. Navigation is free. When user clicks submit they get incorrect or correct. But if they click Previous, it goes back to previous slide. But when user clicks Next to continue, it goes to the answered Question slide, but the Next arrow is dead-nothing.

If user answers the question, they get feedback and click Next arrow, all is fine-it jumps to the next scene.

Client is adamant about having a question be the last slide in each chapter, so no work around with an extra slide.

I can't promise a turkey for thanksgiving, but if anyone has a step procedure for this fix, you will have my eternal gratitude.





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Ned Whiteley

Hi James,

Without seeing the actual slides it is a bit difficult to give a "best" solution, but what I would consider doing is disabling all the buttons on the quiz slides except for the Submit button. That way, the user has to click the Submit button to proceed.

If you don't want to force them to answer the question, you could also add a Skip Question button that simply proceeds to the next slide, whether this be the next section or back to the main menu.

James Mazur

Thanks Ned,

I could have been clearer. Once the user clicks Submit, then clicks Continue we move to the first slide in the next scene. At this point we are beyond the question slide. But when the user clicks the back arrow we return to the answered question slide in a saved state but (here is the problem) the Next arrow is dead. Previous still works but you can't get past the question slide.

There is something weird about having a question be the last slide in a scene.



Ned Whiteley

Hi James,

I am sure there must be a neater (smarter) way of doing this, but if all else fails, the attached example should achieve what you are after.

In short, I have edited the slide properties for the quiz slide to include a Next button. This is changed to Hidden when the timeline starts for the quiz slide if neither answer is selected (i.e. quiz has not yet been attempted). When the Continue button is clicked on the answer feedback, the state of the Next button is changed to Normal and the user is immediately jumped to the next slide (Scene 2 - Slide 1). If the user clicks on the Previous button, they are returned to the answered quiz slide, but the Next button is now active as one of the answers has already been selected.

Hope this is what you are after and I am happy to help you fine tune it to suit your requirements.

James Mazur

Excellent Ned! I did add the Next arrow and found that if the slide question is set to advance to Next slide and not linked to the slide number, the Next arrow appears along with the Submit but clicking the next arrow does not allow the user to go forward until they answer. 

I'll give your solution a try. Thanks again!