Next button does not work until timeline (audio file) ends

I've seen this question posed before by others, and this was not an issue for me when I was working in SL1 (just went to SL2 a few weeks ago). My project (3 separate modules of related content) is fully narrated, and the Menu is set to Locked (to prevent learners from skipping ahead). The Next button does not work until the Timeline (audio file) has finished playing. Deleting the Next button and creating a custom Next is not an option. Learners should be able to turn the volume/audio off, read at their own pace, and click Next when they are ready (not when the Timeline restricts them to). I've read responses that this is a SL2 bug, is this correct and if so when will it get fixed? This change from SL1 does not seem to be beneficial for learners. From the responses I've seen so far, it appears my only option is to remove the Menu completely. Does anyone else have any insights? thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

First I wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to visit the forum thread and edit the post to remove that information if you wish.

Do you have your player navigation set to something other than "free" if so in Storyline 2 that also impacts the next button behavior in that the user won't be able to advance to the next slide until the timeline ends. You can change the player navigation back to free to work around that, or there are a few community workarounds such as this one. 

susan samsonow

Thanks Ashley, Yes the Menu was set to Locked. So decided to just not display the Menu at all in my project, so i unchecked the box for Menu in the Player, saved it, published it to the Web, the Menu tab does not display and the Next button still does not work until the Timeline (audio file) has finished. One of my colleagues had already sent me the workaround that you mentioned. Now I'm wondering why the Next button doesn't work when there is no Menu.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

Sorry if I wasn't entirely clear, even if the menu is not displaying if you've set that as a the player navigation it impacts the next button as well. You'll want to modify the navigation method as shown here - 

  1. Click the gear icon (the Additional Options button) below the menu.
  2. When the Menu Options window appears, use the Navigation Restriction drop-down to choose one of the following:
    • Free: This lets learners navigate to any part of the course at any time. They can view slides in any order.
    • Restricted: This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides.
    • Locked: This means learners can only view slides in the order you've designed. They can't jump ahead or skip over slides, nor can they go back to any previously viewed slides.
  3. Click OK when you're done.

susan samsonow

Hello Ashley, thanks for the reply. Earlier this morning I did more troubleshooting in my project and already made these changes. And yes, even with the Menu not checked in the Player, if an earlier setting of Restricted or Locked was selected, the Next button will not advance until the Timeline is done. It seems that the Menu settings of Restricted and Locked are overly restrictive to the other creative settings/options that we builders would like to use. For me, going forward with future projects, I will not be displaying the Menu at all due to how exclusively restrictive it is. thanks again!

Bob Mongiovi

Hi Ashley,

Question about this.  I have a course set to Restricted.  And as it should, it does not allow the user to press next until the slide is completely viewed.  But, I noticed that when testing on ScormCloud and another LMS, when you watch some slides, and you go back to a previously viewed slide, you still cannot press the Next button until the slide is completely viewed again.  Is this the way it is meant to be?  I would think that restriction on the next button would be gone on slides already viewed.


UPDATE:  I just did a quick test.  I made a dummy file with 5 slides, restricted it, and tried what I explained above.  I was able to press next on previously viewed slides successfully without having to wait until the slide is fully viewed.  But I noticed that I did not add the slide trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends.  Once I add that trigger to all the slides, I am no longer able to press the Next button at any time on previously viewed slides.  

So, my question now is, is there a way to keep the jump to next slide upon timeline ending trigger, but also allow the user to press next on previously viewed slides prior to that slide completing?

Bob Mongiovi

Navigation is set to happen automatically, and to automatically decide when revisiting.  

With this setup, I cannot press next when I go back to a previously viewed slide in the middle of that slide's timeline.  But, if I set all the slides to advance by the user and keep the automatically decide for revisiting, then when I go back to the beginning slide via the menu, I am able to press next before waiting for the timeline to end.

I even tried setting the slides to "By user", and manually adding a slide trigger to each slide to go to next slide when timeline ends, but I get the same problem where I can't press the next button until the timeline ends on that slide.

Per our client's request, then require that the slides automatically advance on their own.  And they want the next button there so that if a user goes to a previously viewed slide, they should be able to press next without having to rewatch the whole slide or use the scrub bar to quickly advance to the end of the timeline of that slide.


Bob Mongiovi

So, I think I may have found a fix.  When you open the Slide Properties for a slide, when you set the Slide advances dropdown to "Automatically", it will add a slide trigger to jump automatically to the next slide when the timeline ends.  If I delete that trigger, but keep the automatic setting in the slide properties, I am now able to press Next before the timeline ends.  And even if I delete that trigger, the slide still automatically advances.  Go figure. Not sure why Storyline creates that trigger when you choose that option.  Something about that is causing the issue I mentioned before.  I am going to submit a bug report.