Next button does not work when reviewing quiz

Jul 03, 2014

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to resolve this issue?

I have a simple set of word bank questions within a scene. There are 4 questions in a 9 slide scene. The standard next button has been disabled throughout the course but appears (as it's supposed to) when the user elects to go back through the slides and review the answers they just gave to the word bank questions. The next button works for the first three slides (that happen to be followed by another word bank question) but will not work on the 4th question that is followed by an ordinary, non question, slide meaning the user is stuck and can't go forward.

I have tried altering the player so that the next button isn't disabled by default but this doesn't change anything. Is there something I can do about this or do I need to report it as a bug?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Carol Ridlington

Hi Ashley,

Your response has helped enormously - in importing the slides to another file to share with you I spotted that the 'import slides' viewer was showing the final question as actually the final slide in that scene, whereas the order had actually changed (so long ago I hadn't remembered) and when you look at it in story view it looks fine.

I have changed the trigger to advance to a particular slide rather than 'next slide' and it works fine now! Well an afternoon wasted for me but really useful to have a resolution and a mistake I won't make again! Thanks again for the useful prompt!


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