Next Button Drawing Another Question from Bank Instead of Advancing to Next Screen

Mar 31, 2017

I am new to using Storyline and have created a really rough activity to learn how to use the question bank. I have created two (ugly) questions in question bank to test the functionality. I have set it to randomly draw one question. In the questions, the students would have to read a sentence and use the sliders to create a face that matches the description. I have used radio buttons off the stage to evaluate whether the student got it right or not. I have added a trigger to each question that jumps them to a results screen if they get it right because I want them be able to play again with a different randomly chosen question (i.e., retry the "quiz" ) and the using a results screen seemed to be the only way to force a "redraw" from the question bank.

Question 1: Is using the results screen the best way to get this functionality? (I want them to be able to play again but with a different question.)

I have noticed that if I move a slider or sliders to an incorrect answer, do not click Submit and then click the Next button, I advance to the next screen (which is what I want).

However, if I :

  1. Move one or more sliders to create an incorrect choice
  2. Click the Submit button
  3. Get the Incorrect feedback box and click the Try Again button
  4. Then click the Next button...

I advances to the next question in the question library (which I don't want). This happens even though I have the next button set to advance to the next screen. Note that I want the student to have an option to move to the next screen even if they have not completed the question correctly, so I do not want to take the Next button away.

Question 2: How can I fix this?

I have attached my file. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Lori - first off, although it's just an "ugly mock up" I like the concept - fun use of sliders! 

As for the behavior you're trying to set up - if you're looking to allow the user more attempts at other questions, using the built in question draw bank would continue to present them with additional questions if you've set it up to draw all (or at least more than 1)  and then they could keep trying. 

Outside of that, you could also look at using a custom next button - as the current set up you were using is getting caught in the question bank and the submission elements. But the custom one works on it's own. I saw you were directing to slide 1.4, and I wasn't entirely clear on why but I did that same set up using the custom button on the slide and it all worked as expected. I've attached a copy of it for you to just see how it worked. 

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