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Wendy Farmer

Hi Srikanth

check the slide properties to make sure the next button option is ticked.

Then add these triggers

First trigger: Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on the slide.

Second trigger: Change state of Next button to normal when timeline ends on the slide.

Ademola Johnson

Hi srikanth, You can also do the following



  1. Create an object with two states (you can call the states - start and end)
  2. put the object out your slide
  3. Create a trigger to change the state of the object from start to end when the timeline ends.
  4. Add this condition to your next button trigger "If object == end"


This is what happens.



The fourth steps means your next button can only work if the object is in its end state and that cannot happen if the timeline has not ended according to step three.



I hope this would helps.


So many ways to get it done. some easier and simpler than others :D