Next button hidden - should appear after visiting all 5 text fields on one slide

Hi Good Morning,

I browsed the discussions but could not find the answer to my Problem.

I work With SL 360 and have a start page with the trigger "Next hidden when timeline starts".

On start page 5 text fields have to be clicked/visited.

After clicking each text field, I jump to other slides and then always back again to the start page when all Sub pages are visited.

I have a trigger that changes "next to state normal when all 5 text fields are visited". 

In slide view mode for start page this works.

In Scene view, the next button appears on clicking the last of 5 text fields.

Then I jump to the last Sub pages and after visiting and jumping back to start page, the next button is gone again.

Any idea what I have to do?

I have been trying for 2 hours now.

Thanks a lot and Kind regards


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