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Nov 06, 2013

Hi All,

I have a quiz in my course which uses the standard submit button - and when the quiz has been completed successfully this submit button changes to a next button (built in freeform questions).

My question is - how do I know which slide that next button will jump to as I believed it would jump to the next slide i.e 1.1 jumps to 1.2  however, during testing I have been informed that people are being sent to the slide immediately before the quiz. I've looked at the slides and can't see why that would happen (will need to do some testing of my own).

Has anyone got any ideas?

Thank you

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Harri S

Hi Leslie,

I've check the slide sequencing and numbering and there are no other conflicting triggers.

I've only had one user in the UAT group report it as an issue but as far as I'm aware they were the only one to review the quiz after completing it successfully.

I'm going to do some testing on the lms and will let you know if I find any consistency.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Harri,

Just wanted you to know (in case you're feeling a bit crazed) that something like this recently happened to me in a project. I've just now looked at the thread provided by Leslie (tx, Leslie) and the thread that's linked to that one. What I had done, copy/paste the slides into a new story, being sure to paste them in the correct order, seems to be what others in these threads have done (some simply used a new scene in the original story, but for other reasons I couldn't do that).

I'm wondering if this is a situation where we should make a feature request. Here's what was weird about my situation.

We were NOT showing the next button on our slides, which for this scene were all quiz questions. When I clicked the Review quiz button, one of the quiz slides was always skipped, even though it had been answered during the quiz question process, and was in the correct order on the menu. This quiz slide had the "wrong" (out of order) slide number.

IF I turned the next button on and linked the slide manually to "the next slide,", the review worked correctly and included this "incorrectly numbered" slide. But as soon as I turned the next button off, the "bad" slide was skipped.

The bad part was the C/P into a new story broke the trigger for the continue buttons on the correct/incorrect layers, so I had to manually redo these (the navigation was set up so Learners could take any quiz question in any order). Otherwise, everything worked and now Reviewing worked as well. The good part was there weren't that many slides.

The reason I'm telling SUCH a long story is that, because I wasn't using the Next button, there seemed to be no way to fix this (I probably could have added a variable, but I had so many going on in this already complex story that I wanted to avoid that).

And so, Articulate, is this something that could be addressed in a feature request? Or is the slide numbering NOT something that can be changed? Please note: like Harri, I'm not referring to the slide sequence/slide order, I'm referring to the slide numbers themselves.

Good luck, Harri. Please post what you come up with for a solution.

Harri S

Hi Becky,

Thank you for the suggestions - I'll have a look and see if I can get my slides to behave again

I do find it frustrating that you cannot manually alter the slide numbers (or at least not to my knowledge) as this is not the first time that my slides have become jumbled but it's the first time it's posed a real problem.

Thanks again for your help


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