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Matthew Bibby

When changing the state of an object based on a variable, there are often a few triggers that you need. E.g:

Change state of Next to Normal when the timeline starts if variable 1, 2, 3 are equal to 1.

Change state of Next to Normal when the variable 1 changes if variable 1, 2, 3 are equal to 1.

Change state of Next to Normal when the variable 2 changes if variable 1, 2, 3 are equal to 1.

Change state of Next to Normal when the variable 3 changes if variable 1, 2, 3 are equal to 1.

Mark Jennings

Thanks Matthew (again).

I have got that sorted - and it works on other slides. This slide, though, has them selecting an object to go to another slide, return, select a second object to go to  second slide, return, select a third object to go to a third slide and then return. I want the Next (and Previous) button to be displayed only after selecting /visiting all 3 objects/slides.

I have tried the When revisiting.

What else?


Mark Jennings

I have changed the state of Next to Normal when the timeline starts if variable 1 == 1 And variable 2 == 1 and Variable 3 == 1.
But, no Next appears

I have, though, 3 triggers where I change the state of Prev to Normal if Variable 1 == 1 AND Variable 2 == 1 And Variable 3 == 1.
Prev displays at least in Slide Preview. I haven't check Sceen Preview.

Mark Jennings

So, after playing around with the slide, I still can't display Next and Prev when I Preview the Scene, although they do appear when I just Preview the Slide. Any ideas?  

The Slide, it's Properties and Triggers are shown in the attached Word document below.


Mark Jennings

Hi Wendy

Many thanks for helping out. I thought I had it all going well the other day.

The 3 buttons go to slides. So, they click 1 to go to slide 1 and return, click 2  to go to slide 2 and return, click 3 to go to slide 3 and return when Next and Prev appear.

What is the best way to share the story?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

see updated file attached.  You only need one trigger to execute the next/prev button to normal as long as the three conditions are met when the timeline starts so I deleted the three triggers you had and replaced with this one for the Next button and same for the previous button.

Hope I've understood what you wanted to do.

Mark Jennings

Well, in another project I am still having trouble with Next showing after all 8 objects have been selected. 
Selecting an object shows a layer. Once all ojects and layers have been visited Next should appear.
So, I have 8 varibles that work, 8 layers, 8 objects, a slider and a trigger that is meant to change the state of Next to Normal.

What am I missing (this time)?
Many thanks

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

the timeline isn't restarting on slide 1.2 once all the layers have been visited so this trigger is not going to work

I'm finding it hard to find the sweet spot of the icons to get the layers to show, but the add +1 to the variable trigger is below the show layer so it isn't executing when the user clicks they go to the layer and the variable doesn't change so the order needs to be changed.

Also, is there a reason why the slider goes 1 to 24 instead of just 1 to 8?

See attached - I've updated your file to move the Next button trigger to the final Supply layer, changed the steps in the slider 1 to 8, changed the slider to 'when learner releases' and the order of the adjust variable triggers on the base layer - it appears to be working as expected now.


Mark Jennings

Oh, very good Wendy.

I wondered about the layers making a mess of the Next button thingy. So, the layers hid the Change state of the next button trigger. I will move this trigger to Supply.

I thought 1 - 24 would be a bit smoother but I like what you did so I will make that change too.

It works!

Many thanks, Wendy. Talk soon, again, ... 

Kia ora