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Sam Carter
Alyssa Gomez

You're testing the published output locally, while the sample I sent you is hosted on a web server. That could account for some of the differences we're seeing.

We've had reviewers complain of this problem when reviewing courses on our scorm LMS.  We don't believe this is an issue about viewing locally.

George Lake

Quick note for those who may have come across this post in the hopes of an immediate solution and/or viable workaround.

Articulate Tech just sent me a note and indicating that I should try using the "Disabled" state (as opposed to hidden) with the "Next" button.

I've tested this, (published, local and in the LMS), and it works just fine.  You get the "Next" restrictions back (the learner can no longer skip forward using the space bar).

Thanks Articulate team, I do appreciate your time and efforts.