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Karin Amann

Hi Wendy, today I run into another problem, I have published a course and now I have no audio on the first slide! But it only happens running the course with Chrome! It is running well with Explorer and Edge. So I deleted my Chrome installed it new but the effect is the same.

I always tell my client to use Chrome!!!!

What shall I do now????

Thanks for your help!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Karin

I know in the latest SL360 update - Articulate did an enhancement

April 26, 2018 (Build 3.15.15581.0)
Enhanced: We added support for Google Chrome 66. If audio stopped working in your Storyline course, install the latest update and republish.

If you are running the latest Chrome update and the latest SL360 update and it's still not working - I would log a ticket with Articulate support.

Karin Amann

Hi Wendy, I have deleted a lot of the slides and again I have only 2 slides.

If I go to preview I can hear the audio on slide 1 and 2

If I published the complete file and open it with Chrome - I have no audio on 1, but I have an audio on 2,

If I start it with Edge - everything is working

If I start it with IE - everything is working

If I put it to the LMS and start it with CHROME everything is running well ??????????????

Andrew Hanley

Karin, try inserting a blank slide of 0.5 seconds as your starting slide. Ive just found out that after the latest update to Storyline, audio on the opening (first) slide can be causing problems.


If you set the blank first slide to "Automatically" move on to the next slide, then it should be seemless for your users, but hopefully get round your audio and next button issues.

Andrew Hanley

Really sorry Karin, it must be a different problem to my own then.

In your explanation you said something very interesting.... "I have no audio on 1, but I have an audio on 2,"

This means that audio is playing on some of your slides at least. It is here that I would start trying to find a fix.

So I would maybe try to look at the differences between Slide 1 and Slide 2 and try toi see why they might be different.

If that doesnt help, maybe isolate out the audio by placing it on a seperate layer which only starts on a mouse click. Does that at least let you hear the audio on Slide 1 now?

If that doesnt help, have a look at combining the slides together, pasting all the content from Slide 1 into a layer on Slide 2 then deleting Slide 1 altogether. Does that now play the sound?


If that doesnt help.... ! Im out of ideas :)


Wendy Farmer

Hi Karin

I've just previewed your file in Chrome and the audio on both slides plays as expected. 

If it is working in the LMS through Chrome and not working on your local drive it may be a browser security issue...as Andrew said, it's odd that the second slide audio plays and the first one doesn't.


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Karin, 

We typically do recommend that users publish their content to avoid any issues viewing their published output locally.

You can check out a great article here.

I do see where Ryan has let you know that there is a specific issue related to Chrome 66 and we do have this reported. I'll attach this thread as well in case we have any update to share.