Next button isn't triggered by timeline

Having an issue in Storyline 1. I've created a course that's uses online videos of instructors. I've inserted the videos from a website, using an embedded link to  The way I'm keeping the user from skipping is by using a variable that changes when the timeline ends. Before the timeline ends, when the user clicks on the Next button it shows a layer that says "You must complete the video". Once the variable changes, then clicking on the Next button advances to the next slide. I'm adjusting the time of the Online Video to the correct length of the Vimeo video in the timeline, so the timeline is tied to how long the video is.

Much like this

It's been working ok so far, but I've had a few students reporting that on some video slides, not all but some, once the video ends the next button doesn't advance. They will wait for awhile after the video finishes but it just keeps showing the incomplete layer. However, they can advance by clicking on the next slide in the Menu, even though the Menu is set to Restricted. So, it looks like the system is recognizing that the timeline ends, but not the Next button.

This is happening on different courses and only for a few people, so needless to say there are many intermittent issues and it is frustrating.  Any ideas?




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Norm Cousineau

Hi Todd, had a look and it worked for me. It's tough...a hard to reproduce issue. I'm wondering if it would help to test a version with the scrollbar visible, and see if there's anything that can pause the storyline timeline (clicking the video etc.)

Embedding the videos in the presentation would probably yield more consistent results.

Todd Crowell

Unfortunately, we can't embed the videos inside the slide. Once the video gets past a certain size, it causes all kinds of havoc on the system. We also want the user to be able to see the video in HD, if they prefer. Because of this, I've had to come up with quite a goofy way of presenting videos. 


Brian Allen

This may sound so similar to what you're already doing, but it would be worth a try if I were in your position.

Place an object off stage (off the slide) just before the end of your timeline.  Set your variable to change at the beginning of the timeline for the off stage object.

Then test again and see if you still have the same issues...