Next Button Issue

May 02, 2016


I'm running into an issue with a scene within module I created. I have items that each have a visited state. One trigger hides the next button on entry. Another trigger changes the state of the next button to normal once all five items are visited. 

Here's the weird part. When I'm previewing the menu slide it functions properly. The next button shows up after all states for the five items are visited. But when I view or publish entire module, the next button doesn't display after all states are visited.

I have even set up five buttons to change color once each respective menu item has changed to visited- just to verify the states are changing as they should. And all states are working.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Alexia for sharing your file.

I know many users have mentioned using the "when object is in a state of" isn't an effective trigger and that connects to Walt's suggestion - but there is a known issue right now with our QA team in regards to the next button still being hidden on a revisit to a slide when it should have changed based on element such as the state of other buttons. 

As our team investigates this, one of the suggested workarounds was to, set the next button to be hidden at .25 seconds into the timeline vs. the start of the timeline. 

Hope that helps, and I'll include the thread here to be included in the report with our QA team, and we'll update you once there is any additional information here. 

Walt Hamilton


Your Storyview is the exact replica of a course I have on my desk right now. Here's what I do:

1 Create 5 T/F variables, 1 each for each "leg" of your course. I call them NavVariable 1, NavVariable2, etc. with an initial value of False.

2. On Slide 7.11 (after the learner has viewed the content, not before),BEFORE the "Jump to 7.3 when user clicks NEXT" trigger, put a trigger to adjust NavVariable 1 to True.  Do the same (with different variables) on slides 7.14, 7.16, 7.24, and 7.26

3. Put this new trigger on 7.3, and be sure it is AFTER the trigger to hide NEXT.

Of course, you have to expand the conditions to include all 5 variables.

The state of variables is always stable, and depending on the state of objects is seldom reliable.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience as we investigate the issue associated with the next button not being normal/accessible on a revisit to a slide where you had initially set it to hidden at the start of the slide.  It’s been determined that this behavior is as expected based on what the triggers are telling Storyline, although it may not match what you wanted to occur.

Since the previous/next buttons are set to be hidden at the start of the slide via triggers, when returning to the slide the command given to Storyline is to hide the buttons as soon as the slide starts. The slide is resuming the saved state of the previous/next buttons as expected, but then the triggers tell Storyline to hide them as soon as the slide loads.

This is where applying the conditions to those initial triggers will come into play - as you’ll want to adjust the next/previous buttons to “hidden” only if the user has not visited this slide before. You’ll see this set up in the file I attached that has that trigger/condition set up associated with the state change of the next player button.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!